The Potter’s Wheel at Lezo, Aklan

For the season of Lent, my friends and I visited the Monastery of our Lady of Fatima in Malinao, Aklan. On our way home, we decided to stop by a neighboring town called Lezo. Lezo is a small town in Aklan but it is big in talent and culture which reflects on their craft: clay pottery.

Beside the town’s church is where the Bayangan Village is located.”Bayangan”is a local dialect which means, “potter’s wheel”. This is where locals mold beautifully designed jars, clay pots, and other clay products in different shapes and sizes.


Welcome arch of Bayangan Village, Lezo Aklan

Bayangan Village is truly what its name suggests, the whole street is a community where locals make their livelihood through making clay pottery.


A woman potter at work in Bayangan Village, Lezo, Aklan




Sample unfinished jars hand-made at Bayangan Village, Lezo Aklan.

The coloring of these jars are different because they have yet to be hardened in the kiln. Afterwards, their coloring will be a rich red brown. Like the ones in the photo below.


Bangayan Village features different kiosks each has its unique style and design for their pottery products.

Some of the clay pots can be used for potting plants. Some are shaped into jars or vases, then stained and painted with different designs for decorative purposes.


Some of the beautifully carved pottery at Bayangan Village Lezo, Aklan


Intricately designed pottery at Bayangan Village Lezo, Aklan

If you buy directly from the village, you can get a much cheaper price from those sold in the market. When I visited this place last year (2015), I purchased several products from one store and I got away with a big discount and a free vase. The prices of their products varies depending on their sizes and design.


This is the jar I brought home for my mother. It’s a steal for Php 250.00. I didn’t try to haggle because I know that the designer put a lot of effort and patience in making this piece. Also, you can’t put a price on art.

Seeing my mother’s reaction towards my “pasalubong” for her and her fixation towards decorative jars, something tells me this won’t be my last visit to Balangay Village.


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